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They Cant Burn Us All Takes San Francisco - Photo Story

Zhon Zhang
November 13th, 2020 · 1 min read

After 6 hours Lucky Boys podcasts’ and 422 miles of California highway - I finally arrive at the steps of San Francisco’s city hall at approximately 1:30pm where I’m greeted with an crowd of over 750 people according to AsAmNews


A group of attendees waiting for the march

IMG 9817

Local organization, F12, volunteering to help the rally

IMG 0421

Everyone online - looking good. These t-shirts seem to be a hit with the crowd.

IMG 9836

China Mac reminds the attendees about the incident involving the burning of an 89 year old grandmother in New York that sparked #TheyCantBurnUsAll

IMG 9838

William Lex Ham soon begins chanting,'Stand up' as the crowd answers back with 'Fight Back'

IMG 9767

"Sasanna Yee knows all too well the pain of losing someone to senseless violence. Her grandmother Yik Oi Huang died one year after being senselessly beaten by a 17-year old as she was exercising at the playground across from her San Francisco home." -Louis Chan

IMG 9852

Like a river flowing into the ocean the ultrawide intersection fills with protesters.

IMG 9853

The sunshine energizes the rally as they step into the light.

IMG 9854

Seeing San Francisco's signature trolley lines was neat.

IMG 9863

The march pauses for a brief moment as protest organizers ensure that the path ahead is safe.

IMG 9855

I drift from the front of the line into the center for more photos of the center of the march.

IMG 9856

Social distancing makes it easier for me to squeeze through as the protesters walk by

IMG 9857

'Justice for Black and Brown Victims of Police Violence Now' reads a sign.

IMG 9873

There were lots of these 'Proud AF To Be Asian' t-shirts

IMG 9875

We all need to give each other love," Yee told the crowd. She asked the crowd to repeat her grandmother's name along with the names of Brionna Taylor, George Floyd and others who died at the hands of the police.

IMG 9893

An attendee with the China flag draped over himself gets my attention for a second as the crowd passes by

IMG 9865

'We don’t need no escort from nobody because they wasn’t there when our grandmothers got attacked and they didn’t want to respond, so we don’t fucking need you to respond now,'' yells China Mac as he responds to the police escort that shows up during the march en route.

IMG 9897

WLH yells 'Whose streets?' as the crowd yells back, 'Our streets.'

IMG 9891

Supreme store customers cheer on the rally as they pass by

IMG 9869

About at the halfway mark to Chinatown at this point

IMG 9902

Protesters carrying an 'I AM NOT A VIRUS' sign reminds me of the beginning of this pandemic.

IMG 9904

"Whose streets?" yells WLH as he draws the attention away from a nearby incident with an anti-protester heckling the rally

IMG 9905

"Our streets!" yells a nearby attendee into the crowd. Soon the back and forth begins.

IMG 9908

Two protesters who would later go on to both give speeches on behalf of their groups at the rally's finale.

IMG 9915

With the gates to Chinatown in view at this point, WLH and China Mac begin to ready the crowd for the homestretch of the rally

IMG 9859

And with that the rally began to make it's way forward again

IMG 9913

"Stand up! Fight Back!" yells William Lex Ham as he marches forward to Chinatown.

IMG 9916

China Mac chanting 'Stand up! Fight Back!' with the protesters as they march towards Chinatown.

IMG 9922

I make my way back towards the front of the march, just in time to capture the rally breaking through into Chinatown - dragon gates in the background and all.


They finally break through San Francisco's Chinatown's dragon gates.

IMG 9940

We pass by small businesses and restaurants - many with customers outside becoming curious about the large crowd

IMG 9942

The streets become lively with chanting

IMG 9943

A resident cautiously makes their way out onto the balcony to find out what the commotion is about.

IMG 9941

The rally lets the residents of Chinatown that people are listening, watching and helping.

IMG 9945

Final stretch before we make our final stop at a nearby park

IMG 9726

China Mac and William Lex Ham thank organizers and attendees for their actions today.

IMG 9753

William Lex Ham introducing the next speakers

IMG 9751

China Mac and William Lex Ham start introduce speakers from different local organizations.

IMG 9778

Sadly, I haven't been able to find a clear recording of the speeches yet

IMG 9793

And unfortunately, I zone out a bit when I'm taking photos

IMG 9777

I think you just have to get into another state of mind

IMG 9786

But I couldn't help but to be shocked back into reality

IMG 9805

when I heard two words as the answer to a rhetorical question asked to the rally...

IMG 9766

What they thought was the biggest problem today...

IMG 9814

and that problem is -

IMG 9780

White Supremacy.

I don’t know why.

It’s not the first time that I heard the term, especially these past 4 years.

But this time, it shocked me because I was hearing it with my own ears and from such a young person.

I would love to hear all the speeches again, so if you have any info on where I can find them, please feel free to send me a message.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this photo story. If you would like to check out more of my photos and stories, please follow me at uxui@instagram

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